27,28,29 Janvier 2014 : "Salon MillésimeBio"

Salon Internationale des Vins Bio à Montpellier




Bourgeon, de fin mars à début avril

Des vignes de Carignan mi-juin

Une grappe fin juin


Jérôme  et  Sophie  Rouaud

Vignerons - winemaker


Organically grown wines :

The Domaine Rouaud estate is situated among olive and almond trees, on the terraces of the Têt Valley in the Roussillon region of French Catalonia.


The soils

The shallow soils are very stony (pebbles, yellow clay, gneiss, quartz and schist).


Superficie :

13 hectares.


The vineyards are managed and the wines crafted by Jerome ROUAUD, self-taught winemaker completely committed to his passion for wine. The estate is run on a small scale – there are only nine hectares of vineyards (23 acres) which form part of the Côtes du Roussillon Villages terroir.


The wine, a reflection of the land, is nature ‘s gift.


From conviction as well as from our commitment to transparent practices, we have decided to make our wines as naturally as possible.



Grapes varietys :

4,40 ha Grenache noir aged 35 ans

4,00 ha Syrah aged 20 ans

1,40 ha de Mourvèdre aged 10ans

1,00 ha de Carignan noir aged 70 ans

1,20 ha de Muscat Petits-grains aged 6 ans

0,80 ha de Macabéo aged 40 ans

0,20 ha de Carignan blanc aged 70 ans


Rendement :

Low yields (around 25h/ha) enable us to extract the quintessential character from our Mediterranean grapes, providing typical wines with authentic, rich and longlasting flavours.

15 to 30 hectolitres by hectare, ˜ 35.000 bottles.


Vinification :

Thanks to our work in the vineyards, we produce superb organically-grown grapes whose potential derives from quality of our terroir.


Our winemaking methods aim to reveal this quality by optimising the ripeness of the grapes while avoiding any excessive maturity.


In both vineyards and winery, we have closen to keep extraneous influences to a strict minimum, avoiding products not normally present (only native yeast in the winery, manure in the vineyards), and vinification is carried out unaggressively.


We foster the development of native yeast naturally present on the grapes.

Selected yeast may be used but exclusively in the event of unusually difficult fermentation. We clarify our wines by running off and racking (for Têt Pourpre and Essencia), and /or by fining (bentonite/organically-produced egg whites).


The sulfiting of the wine, carried out to ensure a wine’s biological stability wine, is thus a way of maintaining the high quality of a wine. Used in a very moderate fashion, the slight quantity of sulfur present in our wines does not represent a threat to healt. Legislation requires that wines labels indicate "contains sulfur" because it may cause allergies. Whereas the maximum level of sulfur authorised by law is between 160-200 milligrams per litre (!), our wines contain between 40 to 60 mg/l.

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