27,28,29 Janvier 2014 : "Salon MillésimeBio"

Salon Internationale des Vins Bio à Montpellier


Prononciation « ganache » in catalan !

Just divine !



Ganaxe N°1   


The shallow soils are very stony (pebbles, yellow clay, gneiss, quartz and schist).

Grape Variety

100% Grenache, 45 years old vines

Yield per hectare

15 hls/ha


2009 vintage, 100% by hand in mid September ensuring careful handling of grapes and prime maturity. Certified AB by Ecocert sas FR.01.


Grapes destemmed • fermentation closely controlled at 20-25°C • maceration of 35 days during which time alcohol derived from grapes is added to stop the fermentation process and maintain the natural sucrosity of the wine. This is the principle process in making "Vins Doux Naturels".

Reducing sugar 

90 grams per litre.


The wine is aged for 18 months in a vat with clarification. • Bottled in june 2011.

Tasting notes 

Black fruits like blackberry and plum are present on the nose and in the mouth • The tannins are soft with a long persistence. It is a wine to drink now, but which can also be kept up to 10 years • to be served at 13-14°, as an aperitif and certainly with rich chocolate cake, such as a ganache !


Approximately 2 500 bottles


“Flute” bottles of 500 ml, 6 per box lying flat.

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